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In order to become a Sport Pilot there are a number of steps to take. These include preparing yourself for the Knowledge (Written) and Practical (Flight) tests as well as registering and preparing your aircraft for Airworthiness Certification. You may also obtain Certification as a Repairman to inspect your own aircraft. I have written 5 Guides, one for each of these subjects plus a "Short List" which is the basic list of study materials needed to prepare for the Knowledge Test. In addition I have an "After the Transition" Guide to help you maintain your certificates. These Guides take you step by step through the processes for each of the subjects. They have embedded links to all of the available forms, study materials, FAA Orders, AC's, handbooks and other materials you will need. Some links will be to web sites where information will be available to study online, such as the AIM. Most links will be to PDF files that you can right click and download to your own computer and print out for easier study, if you desire. Before you go through this process, I want you to know that there are a lot of little steps. It may seem like there is too much to accomplish. But if you take it step by step, you WILL succeed and get to your goal. If you begin now, and don't give up, you CAN do it. The 5 Guides are:

SP Knowledge Test Guide "The Short List"
Sport Pilot Knowledge Test Guide
Sport Pilot Oral and Practical Test Guide
Sport Pilot Aircraft Certification Guide
Sport Pilot Repairman Certification Guide

Maintaining Your Privileges

New! Sport Pilot Flight Instructor Guide

To navigate and find your way around to these guides you may click on the titles above to look at them or go to the websites. The first 3 titles are on this site. Click on the 3 titles in the margin to the right. The other 2 titles are on a separate blog here:

SP Training Blog 2
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UL Pilots Transitioning to Sport Pilot
The transition period for UL pilots to transition to SP is over. If you missed the deadline you are in many ways lucky. You may now complete the required training at your leisure. Your properly logged UL hours, obtained while a member of an UL organization still count toward a Sport Pilot certificate. You will be required to meet all the flight training and flight experience requirements to become a sport pilot. This will only mean that you will be a totally prepared applicant with a depth of knowledge and experience that will serve you well when you arrive for your knowledge and practical tests.

Note: Those who have transitioned to SP, and wish to become SP CFI's, still have until Jan 32, 2008 to do so.


ASC has put together a good quick outline of the major steps needed to become a SP, with a summary of the costs. They will even send you the one paper form you need. It is here: